Mentors are a key group of professionals that help our entrepreneurs and provide advice, expertise, and knowledge as they grow their businesses and sharpen their skills. A mentor may or may not have new business ideas to incubate, but can provide invaluable wisdom to our fledgling businesses as they develop.  In addition they can provide real world examples of experiences they have had in the business world.

A mentor can quickly point out unforeseen opportunities and helps advise entrepreneurs of certain risks. The mentor is essential to the SkyMVP and helps by giving coaching, strategy, and professional opinions. They may also help with donations of unused materials, technology, gear, literature, lectures, and volunteering of their time. The key to successful mentor-ship is to help the SkyMVP tenants succeed through non-monetary means. Mentors are an exceptionally crucial portion of the SkyMVP’s strategy and our entrepreneurs’ success story.

If you would like to mentor entrepreneurs at the SkyMVP please schedule a tour, join us at an event, or fill out this simple introduction form now.