About Us

The SkyMVP’s number one goal is to create a community that embraces and nurtures local businesses and the people behind those endeavors.  Through the use of education, events, collaboration, and comradery we will hone the skills of business leaders and creators using resources that already exist in our local area. The motivation behind the SkyMVP is basic. In our community if someone can sing it is very easy for them join a choir. A good athlete has multiple options to compete in local sports leagues.  A high school student who makes good grades has many opportunities to attend a university or community college. What happens to someone with exceptional business ideas?  Where should they go? Would the best utilization of their abilities be in a church choir or on the football field?  Or, to start their own business?

Perhaps, however at the SkyMVP we created a program and work area specifically designed for the individual who is continually creating and attempting innovative and profitable business ideas. Even better, we developed a work environment where individuals can work side by side and collaborate with the community’s strongest entrepreneurial minds. A quarterback can practice throwing deep balls every day to receivers at football practice, and a tenor can sharpen their notes with a voice coach. At the SkyMVP, an entrepreneurial mind can hone their business skills, teamwork, and networking by engaging with others in a nurturing business environment. The SkyMVP is creating this community’s next generation of great entrepreneurs. The best way to get involved now is to join us at an upcoming event, schedule a tour, or fill out our simple introduction form.  We would love you to join as an entrepreneur or co-worker.